Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify: Master Closet

I'm joining up with Project Simplify on the blog Simple Mom. On Monday she announces a hot spot to de-clutter and organize and then on Friday everyone gets to share before and after photos. This week: the Master Closet. She has some really good tips so you should definitely check out her website!

On Thursday, Joshua was upstairs playing with Legos with Nathaniel and the girls were happily amusing themselves so I took the opportunity to work in my room.

First I took care of this. I hate it when by the time I'm done folding the clean laundry, it's time to wash another load!

Then I ironed that little pile draped on those drawers.
How long had they been sitting there?

Those boxes of candles wouldn't fit in the drawer designated to them. One drawer was full of lovely frames, empty since we got them for our wedding. I pulled them all out and evaluated. Use them or loose them, that's my motto. But I really like them! So I found places for them and soon I'll get some pictures printed to fill them. With that drawer empty, the candles fit easily.

That paper bag was the remnants of a sewing project from last year. But the container that my project materials are supposed to go in was overflowing. So I sorted through all that stuff and threw away scraps of fabric and yarn that really are too small to use. I did end up putting all my fabric into a separate bag, but the container of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, and whatever else is much more neat and accesible.

By this time Esther was ready for her nap so I put her down on my bed and put Lucy in her bed for quiet time. Joshua was still playing Legos. As the girls took their naps I poked around my room and finished the project.

A few months ago I had already given this area a big re-organization so you could call this week's project a re-re-organization. However, since I usually just use my maternity clothes out of their storage container or stuff them in drawers on top of my regular clothes, I decided to use this opportunity to fully rotate out clothes that don't fit with clothes that do. So I piled those on the floor and did the great switch. In the process I sorted stuff out. This time I really let stuff go.

The rejects.

It's not really all that different, but just going everything a go-through results in drawers that close, clothes that fit on the rod, and the knowledge that I have a little less stuff that I don't need. I love that feeling!

This is the stuff that needed to be put away. Mom had an extra container I could use for the pile of costumes in the middle and Eli brought home an empty container from the Exodus attic for that pile of clothes that don't fit right now on the right. Both fit easily in the closet. I still need to get an over-the-door hook for our bathrobes.

This closet and a half a linen closet are the extent of our storage here. The too small baby clothes are all I have stored elsewhere (at Exodus). I love the simplicity that comes from only keeping what we need! Head on over to Simple Mom for some tips and tricks for getting and staying organized.


  1. What happen to the old baby clothes? did you give it to those people who need so baby clothes?

  2. No, Exodus has a big attic space so I've stored them there. I'll be needing them again!

  3. It is such a good feeling just to be rid of nagging piles of "to do." :)