Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Early Spring Walk in the Woods

Since Exodus is closed on Monday Eli gets to spend the day with us. This week we took the kids on a walk through the Mount Talbert Nature Park. It's a small butte just down the road from our home with very nicely maintained walking paths. Mostly it's used by joggers, but I love rambling through it with the kids. There's lots of birds, ferns, and moss, and in the summer the sunny meadow is full of blooming daisies. This time we even caught a glimpse of two deer just before they bounded away into the trees!

I like to call it "the Golden Wood." With the sun streaming through and all the yellowy moss on the trees, it takes on a warm, golden hue that is almost magical.

The first time we came here we brought our new stroller with its snazzy all-terrain wheels. But it was no match for the roots and rocks that we encountered at certain parts of the path. This time we knew better, but we should have planned some sort of transportation for an unsteady and quite slow eighteen-month-old.

I think she enjoyed the trip from her comfy perch up on Daddy's shoulders.

This is Joshua's senior portrait pose.

Just kidding! He's still just a little boy!

My three kids, all smiling for the camera for once!


  1. LOL. I love Joshua's senior portrait pose... and the picture right afterward. :)

  2. Great pictures! Congratulations on getting them all to hold still and smile at once for that last photo! That's quite a feat! :-D

  3. We love hiking in the woods too but haven't been there yet. Maybe we should get together and go there sometime!

  4. These pictures made me miss Oregon so much! We spent so many hours hiking in various parks around Portland. And the senior picture made me laugh pretty hard :)

  5. Aw, Elissa, you'll just have to come back and visit some time. I love it here. But I'm loving reading about you and your farm life.