Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Was A Fun Mom Today

It was 11:30—an hour and a half till nap time, that oasis in a mother's day. I had already been for a walk, made breakfast, cleaned up from breakfast, dressed everyone, started two loads of laundry, read a story to the kids, worked on letters with Joshua and supervised Lucy's workbook activities. As we sat at the table drinking tea, I suddenly remembered that I'd been wanting to make cookies with the kids. As they sipped their hot beverage I gathered the ingredients for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Instead of just getting it done as quickly as possible (you know, the sooner to eat the cookies!) I let them help. Lucy dumped in sugar, Joshua tried his hand at mixing, and they both unwrapped the butter. Sure, I did most of the work, but they felt included, especially when the mixing was done and the "nibbles" of dough could begin going around.

Waiting patiently is so hard!
Too late!
Finally, we could enjoy the fruits of our labors. Yummy!
Picking out the chocolate chips, of course.
Isn't that how you eat them?
Yes, they really were that good!
Eli, if you read this at work, let me assure you that
there are plenty waiting for you when you get home.


  1. They're absolutely divine! Yummmmm.

  2. We made chocolate chip cookies yesterday and when I say 'we' I mean Lauren and Molly. They were really good.

    Chris, did you smell them and then decide to visit your sister or was she kind and brought some up?

  3. I love the title to this post..."I Was a Fun Mom" today...just a good reminder to not get stuck in a rut of always and only "the practical"