Friday, January 28, 2011

Breakfast Meat

So this morning I put pork into our scrambled eggs (anything to make them more interesting!). It was left over pork chops from dinner and I cut it into strips. Joshua poked a piece onto his fork but to him it wasn't just meat adding flavor to an otherwise boring breakfast dish. No, it was the tongue of a wolf that had been trying to kill him and Lucy. So he killed it and ate it for breakfast. Apparently it was trying to kill them because I killed one of its babies. Each piece that he and Lucy ate came from a different part of this big bad wolf.

Oh, and just now he made me turn off my Grooveshark station (you know, the one with the Proclaimers) so he could listen to Saint Saens' third symphony in C minor.

I love my boy!


  1. ...and Katie wants me to turn off the Handel I have playing to listen to "In the Jungle" again. Hmm. ;-)

  2. So...The Proclaimers...Do you have a favorite album, or do you just line them up in Grooveshark and let 'em go?

  3. I really only know them for 500 Miles from the movie Benny and Joon and I'm on my Way from Shrek. I just pulled up their name on Grooveshark and played everything from their Best Of album. So far 500 Miles is by far my favorite (love that song!) but I enjoyed the sound of Letter from America as well.

  4. Yeah, I've always liked 500 miles but didn't know who sang it. I guess I'll listen more before I buy an album. Your husband told me about grooveshark when I was in buying books last fall. Great resource - I hate listening to a little bit of the song on Itunes and hoping it's worth the money! I'm enjoying your new blog - I followed you over from your old page(linked to the Exodus website). I guess I've officially de-lurked :)
    Bless you and your family.

  5. Grooveshark, as I've recently discovered, is great!