Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hard Work

Things that are hard:

  • Picking out a color to paint the walls of the fellowship hall at church. Said color has to be dark enough to be interesting but light enough not to make people claustrophobic. Said color also has to match dated cabinets that may or may not get refinished.
  • Writing about Thanksgiving and suffering when one's own life is really quite grand.
  • Scrubbing an old cast iron Dutch oven, bought from a garage sale in support of adoption. Something like this is now on my wish list.
  • Getting up with the kids after doing all of the above until past midnight.
Good night!


    1. Looks like a good day.

    2. I like how you have your blog laid out. It's very clean, yet beautiful.

      Did you make any progress at Home Depot picking new colors to try?

      I was talking to mom and dad last night about getting up on time and how hard it can be sometimes. The bottom line was that you just have to beat your body and do it. And it's best to learn it before you move out of the home. :P I'm still working on that one...

    3. So yeah, I wrote a whole post on picking out paint. I meant to have someone in my family look at it, to make sure it didn't sound like I was whining. And I just bought a mini cast iron pan that I need to clean at a garage sale for Jacob's Christmas present...

    4. Sara, I love mini pots and pans!

      Chris, I think I will have to do a whole post on sleep management sometime. I have been learning a lot about it this past year.