Friday, November 5, 2010

Bored Books

I have a basket for our board books. They are all such funny shapes that they don't fit on the shelves very well and I wanted them separate so Esther could easily find them.

One morning I put a blanket on the floor and told all the kids to stay there and read books while I went off to get something done (I believe the project of the moment was getting dressed). They did a pretty good job obeying... When I came back they were still there and the toys were still put away, though the little chairs had been moved and they each had a blanket.

As I helped them put the books that they had looked at away, I told them to put the board books in the basket. That's when I heard Lucy say, "I'm bored of this book so it goes in the basket."


  1. Aw, so cute! Btw, you have the same CS Lewis quote that I have on my FB profile page.. did you steal it? If so, I want some credit for introducing you to that fantastic quote. Although, I do have another sentence on the end...

  2. No, I stole the quote from Mystie Winkler.