Monday, November 15, 2010


I had changed a diaper, read the first three chapters of Acts, taken a shower and gotten dressed, all with just a few sips of water in my tummy. Esther was pacified by an apple which she happily munched, but Joshua and Lucy were both clambering for a "snack."

I opened the fridge.

I opened the pantry.

I sat down to think.

What should we eat for breakfast?

Pioneer Woman breakfast potatoes sounded yummy, but I didn't feel like cutting up raw, dirty potatoes. Omelets would be delish, but I didn't have anything interesting to go in them. Pancakes sounded too sweet. German pancakes (oven pancakes) would be good, but we didn't have milk.

All I could think about was Raisin Bran. If I could just eat a bowl of Raisin Bran then the world would be right and every problem would solve itself!

I did finally make a decision and now "egg-in-a-hole" is being digested by an unwilling stomach. "Acquire Rasin Bran and milk" is now on my to do list for today.


  1. Raisin Bran fixes everything. : )

  2. It would be better if it were Golden Grahams. :)