Saturday, April 21, 2012

The week I didn't get everything done

I didn't get everything done this week. There were usually crumbs under the table. I did the breakfast dishes while the kids ate lunch. There was laundry piled everywhere—the clean piles scrupulously separated from the dirty ones. When I "made my bed" it was only pulling the covers to the top and leaving the lumps.

But that's not what I will remember from this week.

I will remember Stephen "helping" at my feet while I made peanut butter cookies, layering new dirty dishes right on top of the old ones like so many rock layers in the Grand Canyon.

Making peanut butter cookies used up the last little bit of peanuts I was wanting to clean out of the pantry, so it was useful. And it made everyone happy.

I will remember their faces when I said that yes, they could have another cookie.

I will remember introducing the children to Zorro (Tyrone Power style) while I finally folded the mountain of clean laundry that had gathered over the week.

Eating a crumbly snack outside.

I will remember snuggling with Esther after she woke up too early from one of her naps. In about 60 seconds flat, both of us were sleeping. I will remember the 15 minutes of stillness I shared with Stephen laying together on the couch, him sucking his two fingers, me rubbing his back.

So proud of himself!

I will remember the day I made Indian food for dinner: a vegetable curry with rice and a tomato chutney to go along side. I served it with tea with milk, to cut the spiciness. It was fun buying new spices, trying a new recipe, and exploring such unfamiliar culinary territory. But it only took one bite before each of the kids discovered it was too spicy for them! They guzzled the tea to quench the fire in their mouths and cried and whined despite my best attempts at putting a positive spin on it. "Enjoy the spiciness!" I said cheerfully. "Doesn't it make you feel warm inside? Aren't you glad you don't live in India? They eat stuff like this all the time! Sometimes it's fun to try something new!" I will remember that I should've:
  • cut the spices in half.
  • had a back up meal plan in case this one didn't work out.
  • made much less—there was a whole meal's worth left over! 
  • given the kids something different to sooth their mouths with—all that tea went right through. I think the toddler left puddles on all three floors of the house over the course of the evening!
Even though the whole thing was pretty much a flop, it was kind of fun for dinner to be such an adventure. Plus, the leftovers will be welcomed at the church potluck among those who have stronger tongues than my family!

I may not have succeeded in getting all the housework done, but this week I successfully lived.


  1. Way to keep perspective! There are certainly much more important things in life than having housework done "on time."

  2. Good perspective! And, if you're ever interested, I have a few Indian recipes that aren't spicy. In fact, my kids love them. They devour it every time!

  3. I just discovered you're blogging again! So happy to see you rejoicing in the tid-bits of life, even as things are surely more all-encompassing and arduous with 4 littles. Enjoy your home-bound years, I'm here to promise you, you will actually miss them someday!