Saturday, April 14, 2012

Choose Life, Choose Hope

"Aw, aren't they precious! Don't blink or they'll be grown up and gone before you know it!"

This is a fairly common comment for mommies like me, surrounded by a herd of little cuties, to hear from well-meaning older ladies. And sometimes mommies like me—in the midst of these spoon feeding, diaper changing, boo-boo kissing, squabble soothing days—frantically close our eyes, only to open them and find that there is no end of them in sight.

Raising children is hard.

I have a husband with a solid job that he loves. I have parents who adore my kids (and are patient with them, even when they aren't picture perfect). I have parents-in-law who feel the same way and all four of these people support my husband and me and encourage us in this difficult, but godly work. I wanted to be a mom my whole life.

And raising children is still hard. So I can't image the turmoil going through the mind of a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, especially if she's heard her whole life that she needs to get out there and have a career and discover herself and it's just a bunch of tissue anyway.

There's a lot of baloney that gets thrown around by the pro-choice people who try to excuse the killing of babies for the sake of convenience (or reputation, or fear). It has been said that they are the ones who really care about women and Society at large. ("You can't expect her to give up her dreams and raise a child!" "Our over-burdened welfare system and over-populated planet can't sustain that many more people!") They accuse pro-lifers of dogmatism and insensitivity. And while it is important to remember and strive towards protection of the (thousands of) lives that are being murdered every day, I do think that the debate could use some kindness and compassion towards the women who are faced with the choice. In fact it should be saturated with it.

Abortion - Exodus BooksThis article says it beautifully. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy don't need guilt. Most of them know it's a baby, and despite the propaganda that says otherwise, most of them will feel responsible for an abortion even long years afterwards. No, what these women need is hope and encouragement. Keeping the life inside them will be hard. Pregnancy is not all that fun and labor and delivery sure isn't either. Caring for the child—from the early days of teaching him or her how to eat and sleep all the way through the older ages of learning how to be responsible—is not easy, even in the best of circumstances. Adoption is a heart-rending process not to be taken lightly. But these women do not have to undertake this journey alone. What they need to hear from pro-lifers is that no matter how stressful their situation, no matter how scared or hurt they are, Jesus has been through worse. He knows what they are going through. He understands. And He cares. In Him is forgiveness, comfort, and strength.

The Portland Pregnancy Resource Centers strive to bring this message to the women who come to them for counsel and assistance. On May 19th, hundreds of people will gather at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland to make a stand for life. We do a two mile walk through the streets to be a witness to the city of the worth of defenseless, unborn life. Many of these people are working right now to raise funds to keep doors open for women in search of hope. If you haven't yet given towards this cause, please consider doing so now. You can click this link to be taken to my fundraising page or you can email me your pledge directly.

Thank you for joining me in spreading the love of Jesus to those who need it!

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