Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This time we brought three kids with us!

When I was three days overdue with Joshua Eli and I hiked to the top of Multomah Falls (in January!). With Lucy we just walked all over Oregon City, but when I was going late and later with Esther we escaped again to the Columbia River Gorge and hiked the Horsetail Falls trail. Since Eli had the day off on Monday and since I'm once more overdue, we drove out there again and now it's tradition.

After lunch we drove off in search of restrooms and ended up at Crown Point. Eli and I have both been several times, but the Vista House up there has always been closed. Surprisingly it was open this time so we got to see the beautiful marble interior.

When Eli was done reading plaques we returned to our hike of choice for this visit: Latourell Falls. According to Best Hikes with Kids: Oregon, the trail is about 2.5 miles and it took us up the creek to see the Upper Latourell Falls as well.

Three days past my due date.

Joshua and Lucy both walked the whole way like troopers and Esther walked most of the first half. At that point it was past nap time so Eli carried her in the Moby wrap until we got back down to the lower Latourell Falls. By then we were all quite warm and my feet hurt. The water splashing cheerfully on its journey to the river looked so cool and refreshing that I called a halt.

Ah, much better!

It was the perfect end to a lovely hike!

Last time she was the one in there!

Soon there will be four little monkeys!


  1. What a great momma! Taking your kids on a fun outing while you wile away the time until #4 makes up his mind your tummy isn't the only comfy home in the world. :) Looking great and cheerful as usual! You need to make a post reviewing your favorite hikes. Your pictures always look so fun! Maybe I should take Christian hiking for his 11 month pics?

  2. P.S. I LOVE you new van! That's the one I want. Everything's better in red ;)

  3. I just love the Gorge and it really isn't very far for those of use living in the Portland area. If you just drive along the old scenic highway there are several waterfalls that are easily accessible. I like to spend time walking (especially when we're trying to convince a baby to come so we look for trails that are 1 to 3 miles long. So far the two we've done (Horsetail and Latourell) have been perfect. And boy are they lovely in July! Bridal Veil is a shorter walk and I think it's easy to get down to the creek from the path.

  4. Ruby saw these pictures and said, "Ada, dirdy! Dosh, dirdy!"

  5. Isn't it fun to look at people's pictures with a toddler? :-)