Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Picnic

We're still waiting. I'm in the zone now and can't think of much else besides keeping the house clean and listening to my body. So I search for distractions—ones that don't involve messes inside. Yesterday we walked nearly two miles to the bank and then got popsicles at Safeway. I pushed Esther and Lucy in the stroller and Joshua rode his little Lightning McQueen bike the whole way. This morning we finished the mystery book we were reading about ancient Egypt (the boy caught the tomb robber!) and then I packed a snack lunch and a picnic blanket and headed out the door.

I have written before about the Mount Talbert Nature Park nearby. It's a favorite walk of ours and we've been three or four times before. It's small enough that the kids can run ahead while I follow at a two-year-old's pace with Esther and it's not so busy that I worry when I can no longer see or hear them.

At the clearing, under the shade of mighty oak trees, in a patch that appeared to be poison-oak free, I laid out the blanket and we ate outside. The sky was patchy with clouds, but when the sun broke through it warmed up all the grass and flowers around us till we could smell them growing.
"Sandwich outdoors isn't a sandwich anymore. Tastes different than indoors, notice? Got more spice. Tastes like mint and pinesap. Does wonders for the appetite."

"Know just what you mean, Dad!"

Dandelion Wine
This is why I like to call it the Golden Wood.

I keep trying to decide if I feel ready for the baby—ready to face labor, ready to do night time feedings, ready to raise another child. Esther's sleeping right now, a little girl in the middle of a big bed, rhythmically breathing, thumb half in, half out of her mouth. Joshua and Lucy are having the kind of quiet time where the "quiet" goes in quotes, but I like hearing their conversation faintly from the other side of the house. What will this new little one add to the mix?

I am excited for the next chapter and of course I can't wait for that little-body-on-my-shoulder feeling. But in the meantime I'm really enjoying Life As It Is Right Now.


  1. Way to keep a good attitude, Amanda!

    You will be ready when it comes.

    It is always exciting thinking about meeting a new little person, and wondering who he will be. :)

  2. At least we get more blog posts from you when you're waiting around for a baby! ;-)

  3. I know that feeling! Just last night I had a meltdown over not feeling ready to deliver another baby. I'm looking forward to this little guy, but am loving my last few weeks as the mother of two as well! I'll keep checking in to see if your little guy decides to make an appearance before Sunday.