Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No woman has ever been pregnant forever, right? Right???

No woman has ever been pregnant forever, right? Right??? 'Cause I've reached the phase where I'm pretty sure I'll be the first. I'm just too darn comfortable—there needs to be more pain!

Anyway, we had yet another Monday (day off for Eli) to fill up without a new baby. We have a zoo pass that we haven't used much yet so when we woke up yesterday I suggested that as the activity for the day. This time we brought my youngest brother along as our free guest. As we drove off prepared to spend the whole day away, we were both hoping our plans would get interrupted.

We've been to the zoo three times now in a relatively short amount of time and I would think it would begin to feel as though there's nothing new to see. But each experience has been quite different.

The giraffe was finally outside!

We got to see two presentations: one at the big arena displayed a porcupine, a boa constrictor, three tropical birds of a variety I've forgotten, and two vibrant parrots live on the stage and the other showed us the type of training they do with the lions to keep their minds active. This second demonstration actually answered a question I've long had about animals at the zoo. To me they always look so bored and I've wondered why they don't put sheep or bunnies or something into their cages to let them hunt down their own lunch. It would give them something to do and I think it would be fascinating to watch! Well, that doesn't seem to be acceptable zoo practice, but they too are concerned about keeping these animals active, even though they get everything they need handed to them on a silver platter. It was amazing to be that close and to see the power and energy in every muscle as that female lion paced back and forth responding to commands.

We like the lorikeets!

Then we went home, ate dinner, cleaned up, put the kids to bed, watched The Business of Being Born (streaming on Netflix), went to bed ourselves and slept altogether too soundly.


  1. What a fun Monday! (I hope rain did not spoil it and that the cooler weather made the walking less wearing)
    We are praying for you and checking often to hear the latest developmnets :)

  2. I'm sorry Amanda! My guess is tomorrow morning so hopefully I'm right!

  3. That's what people told me, too, and I about burst into tears. Poor thing.

    I saw Business of Being Born a couple years ago. What'd you think?

  4. I should do a review of the movie. I liked it quite a bit. I thought it presented a lot of information from a wide variety of sources and I loved how the filmmaker's pregnancy fit into the story.

  5. I just went and watched it again while I folded laundry and now I want to give birth again! ;-)
    I was all weepy whenever they showed a baby coming out and the mama holding him/her for the first time!
    I think my hormones are doing weird things to me. ;-)

  6. I want to hear more about the Lyons. I had no clue they did that. Awesome. And was it depressing or hopeful to watch the Business of Being Born?

  7. Oh wow. I didn't even realize I had spelled lions wrong until I came back to this screen. Haha!

  8. Well, he's just being polite and waiting for my guess (tomorrow night) to come.... :-)
    I'm sorry you're feeling this way...I remember when I felt the exact same way (but sicker, from the castor oil...heh). But it will be over sooo soon and this will feel like a distant and impossible memory! "Remember the Monday we went to the ZOO when I was super-duper-pregnant with not-Caleb?"

  9. Sara, if we ever get together I will talk more about the lions—it was fascinating! Last time I watched the Business of Being Born (two months ago maybe) I was reminded of how hard labor is and I was glad I wasn't going to be going through it. This time I was like, "I can do that." And strangely, I was much less emotional over it than I was last time.

  10. Hi there, just thinking a lot about you today. Preying for you to have patience and find plenty to keep you occupied!
    Love ya!