Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Which I Am Busy With All The Things That Make For A Lovely Life

I think I'm going to have to start doing the busy mom's version of blogging: a sentence here, a bullet-pointed list there, but mostly just cute pictures. So here it is, the busy mom version of what we've been up to:
  • I'm 39 weeks pregnant now and I'm ready to have this baby out of my ribs and into my arms!
  • I found some adorable Carter's brand, newborn-sized layette items yesterday at Fred Meyers: jungle themed! Eli did not show sufficient appreciation for their cuteness when I showed him. Thankfully Grandma was upstairs and she knows just how to oo and aw over baby clothes!
  • I'm teaching Kindergarten and loving it!
  • On the first day of summer I started re-reading my #1 favorite book, Dandelion Wine. I was afraid it wouldn't be as special this year, but I've already bawled my eyes out more than once. If you haven't read it yet, do. Now. It's a perfect summer read.
  • We bought a van! We no longer have three car seats crammed into the back seat of a 5-passenger car! And when the baby arrives we will be able to take the whole family to church to get him baptized! I feel strange and grown-up-ish driving around a minivan (Toyota Sienna, by the way). 
  • We all went to our church's Family Camp. For the whole week. Eli too! The beach, campfires, sweet things to snack on, lots of friends who also have babies to put down for naps... It was the best Family Camp since the year I was 14 and we spent the entire time playing epic games of freeze tag.
  • We finished writing the letter about our son's name and Eli got it scribed into his journal. This is a ritual we have done every time and it's very important to us. We can't wait to share it with you all!
  • Eli and I manned the Exodus booth at the OCEANetwork curriculum fair. I got to meet lots of wonderful customers and I got to sell Spell to Write and Read.
  • We started our new summer schedule in which Eli goes to work at 8:00AM. The kids have taken to it really well.
  • In general life has been very busy in the loveliest ways!
I've been reading some excellent books and we've watched a few interesting movies, all of which I would have loved to write about (see above list for excuses.) Last night, though, we watched Frequency and I wanted to mention it quickly. It's a creative time travel film in which people don't travel through time, information does through a process involving HAM radios and an aurora borealis. As with any story having to do with time and/or multiple dimensions, it's a bit far-fetched and fantastic at times. However, the real heart of the story is the relationship of a father and his son. There is fire-fighting, police investigations, a serial killer, baseball, and tender scenes of family love. I thought it was well-done and I would recommend it quite highly.

And now I'm off to mix up a pie crust for some 4th-of-July apple pies, do the dishes, moderate a squabble or two, and take the kids to a birthday party. Still to be done before the baby comes:

  • Cook and bake for the freezer
  • Keep the house clean
  • Take our parents out to dinner to read them the name letter
  • Have Dr. Ed over for the home visit to make sure he can get here. It would not be good for him to get lost if labor was going very quickly!
  • Organize the computer desk
  • Go on a date to an Italian restaurant in Sellwood and then to browse at Powell's Books

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  1. Frequency was the movie Matt and I went to see on the first "date" of our courtship. :) I liked it.

    Good to hear an update! Hang in there!