Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Which We Celebrate a Birthday

No, not the new baby's birthday. Two years ago I was waiting (and waiting and waiting) for another little baby to make her appearance. At last, on the 24th, Esther was born into my arms and now I barely remember that long wait.

On Sunday she will be two years old, but I figured, while we were sitting around, we might as well do the celebration now. So yesterday morning I mixed up cupcakes.

It's tradition: the birthday person gets to lick the bowl!
I called Eli and told him to bring home two presents for our two-year-old girl. It's handy owning the best place around to get gifts.

While the cupcakes were cooling I dressed up the birthday girl and took her outside to take her portraits.

After dinner, my family joined us outside for dessert and gifts. She was so cute as she opened the presents and stopped to admire each one.

She thinks it's pretty great that everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" to her!
It was nice to spend the day thinking of someone else other than myself and the all-too-comfy buster inside me. Also, our new cell phone charger arrived so we have a phone again and I finished Strong Poison.

And now I'm 41 weeks 6 days, officially later than I've ever been. I was hoping this baby would not be a record-breaker in this respect. Oh well, two years with Esther has pretty much flown by. I suppose that the next couple days will pass as well.


  1. Hang in there. I followed the link to Esther's birth and you posted in the morning and had her by that evening. Could happen today!

  2. I know, Amy, one of these "waiting" posts will be the last! I'm feeling hopeful again today.

  3. Looooove Esther's birthday picture! Perfect dress lovely picture. Great job!

  4. Great pictures! That red dress is adorable on her!
    You've got to break your trend next time, Amanda. You're getting later and later with each your 8th baby you'll end up 12 months pregnant before it's born!! ;-)
    I'm impatient right along with you. An number I didn't recognize called me today and I was hoping that it was somebody telling that the baby had come, or at least that you were in labor.


    It WILL be soon.

  5. Oh, Happy Birthday to Esther! Seems like just yesterday we were all pregnant together at Family Camp, and now they're turning 2!!
    So, just curious, what did Eli bring home for her?