Friday, July 22, 2011

42 Weeks

Well, I never thought it would happen, but here I am, 42 weeks and still pregnant. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, but I took Eli and my mom with me so we could all make Dr. Ed do something!

We started with an ultrasound. Guess what? The baby is healthy and comfy, still has good blood flow from the placenta and still has plenty of amniotic fluid. I have made him a very pleasant home in there!

Then we found out that I'm still not totally effaced, thought the cervix is nice and soft and I am dilated about 2 or 3 cm. The baby's head is engaged, but he's still a bit high.

"So," said Dr. Ed, "everything looks good. There's no rush." When he said something about Monday, I shed a tear or two.

Since the baby is healthy and happy, we had the option to continue taking herbs, keep resting, and just wait for things to gently kick in on their own. This would allow for a relaxed, "easy" labor, similar to Esther's. If we try to jump start things, labor will most likely be more difficult.

As we talked over the options I began to realize that I don't care how hard labor is! The baby is ready for his new life, he's ready to go through delivery...the only reason to wait is to have a gentle labor. And I'm done waiting for a gentle labor. Let's get this show on the road!

So, I'm off in a few minutes to see an acupuncturist. My sister-in-law, Hannah (one of the Hannah's who was at Esther's delivery, who then married my brother) went to an acupuncturist and went into labor about six hours later. I think it was about six hours after that that she was holding her baby. We'll see how it goes for me. If that doesn't do anything tonight, then Dr. Ed will come tomorrow morning and induce with prostaglandin gel. My mom was induced with that once and she was holding her baby about nine hours later.

Thank you for your interest in my long wait. How quickly all this will be a dim memory! If you think of me, you can pray that these methods take and that labor, if difficult, is at least smooth and uncomplicated. And you can pray that my next post is a baby announcement! We are so blessed to be surrounded by the love and prayers of so many friends and family members!


  1. Praying for you from our great distance!! Hoping your little man decides to arrive soon! Looking forward to hearing he is in your arms, and seeing pictures!!

    Love ya!!

    Aaron & Brenda

  2. Oh my goodness I'm just on pins and needles waiting to hear the latest news. :) Even though I would lose my prediction I pray that your new little one will be in your arms before this time tomorrow. :)

  3. Isn't it great how God gives us 9 months to prepare for baby? At the beginning, the excitement of being pregnant soon turns to nervousness and fear about the delivery, but by the end of the pregnancy, it's like "BRING IT ON!!! I want pain!" :)

    Praying for you!

  4. I always feel so sorry for those of you who go over. Praying something works and you'll meet your little man in a matter of hours!

  5. Love and prayers for you today! I stopped by to give you a hug and a treat, since I knew today was a day you were NOT hoping to see. I told your brother to put your treat in the freezer, if you want it. I heard you were off at the acupuncturist, so I hope that you have a little man by tomorrow! Can't wait to me Mr. Lateness.

  6. All my prayers are with you. I had a long pregnancy too and I was a wreck every time the doctor decided I should wait a couple more days. They had to finally induce labor and I never dilated, so I understand and pray that all will be well and things will move along quickly and easily for you. Good Luck can not wait to here how it goes.

  7. Saw this a day late...but we're praying for you today!