Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She's Talkative

The other day we were at the thrift store (you know, being thrifty). We browsed through shelves of odd mugs, pitchers and baskets of every imaginable shape and size, and strange wooden things the use of which I couldn't figure out. Lucy kept up a running commentary the entire time and had something to say about everything. "Oooo! That one's pretty! It's pink; I like pink. What's that thing for? Can I touch that?..." Mostly I just nodded, occasionally I mumbled something in return, but for the most part I was pretty focused on prices and the wish list I have running in my head.

Then as I reached for some dish or another, a lady smiled at Lucy's chatter and said to me, "She has such a sweet voice! I could listen to her all day long."

I smiled back but inside I thought, "I do listen to her all day long."

And suddenly I realized just what a blessing that is.


  1. My dad was here yesterday and was saying almost the exact thing about Katie...and I thought the exact things you did! :-)
    I love her chatter! It sure can wear you out sometimes, though! ;-)

  2. This is precious.
    Thank you for the reminder to listen.