Thursday, April 7, 2011

Movie Review: Tangled

A movie with a fun story and great heart, Tangled is absolutely worth seeing. Amusing lines, funny animal characters, a Broadway-like score, it's the fairy tale world brought to a modern audience. An amazing amount of character and beauty is packed into those animated people! And the scene in the boat with the lights captures the essence of dreams coming true.

HOWEVER, I (personally) would only give it three stars out of five. *ducks behind some kind of protective covering!* I have three issues.

Issue #1: I actually didn't like the self-doubt, "I'm a horrible person but this is so fun" scene after she decides to leave the tower. A fairy tale is supposed to be about having an adventure and finding your dream. Modern characters always have to "discover themselves." I think this navel-gazing takes away from the flair of the genre.

Issue #2: It was too trendy—I prefer more of a classic fairy tale feel. "Frying pans...who knew, right?" It worked for the movie, but it's just not my style.

Issue #3: It was a little above and beyond in denying the laws of physics. Okay, I know you are supposed to suspend disbelief when you watch animated movies, but the way these people were jumping and leaping around, outrunning walls of water, and beating each other over the head with cast iron skillets, they would have all been either dead or having severe concussions by the end of this film!

So there you have it. Watch this movie, love it if you want, but now you have my two cents.