Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Which Some City Kids Visit A Farm

On Friday I took the kids and my sister-in-law, Gilma, out to our friends' farm. We were supposed to see some lambs, but it turns out that the Cones' shipment of chicks had just arrived so we got to see those as well!

Just in time for Easter!

Yellow, fluffy, and soft, they looked as edible as marshmallow peeps! But I think these ones will taste better if they have a few months to grow and then I'll wait till they're butchered, de-feathered, and roasted or fried or barbecued.

Holding some pre-hatched ones.

Later (after some corralling—of sheep, not kids) we were able to see this two-week-old lamb. There was a smaller, softer one, but he was so tiny he just jumped through the fence to get away from the eager arms of his visitors.

Yes, he really was that snuggly!

The lamb would only bear with us for so long, but this sheep—bottle-fed when he was a lamb years ago—stayed around as long as there was any hope of getting anything out of that white bucket.

Thank you, Sara, for a lovely day and thank you, God, for smiling down on us with sunshine! Now I should go wash sheep poop off our shoes.


  1. Great pictures! Look like everyone (except maybe the lamb) had a grand time.

  2. I love the picture of Esther hugging the lamb.

    We got to hold the chicks on Sunday and they are so fluffy!

  3. Well, I know where I want to take Christian's 8 months pictures now! :)