Friday, April 22, 2011


They often don't want to help when I need them and they usually want to be involved when it would be easier to just do it myself, but either way they're pretty cute!

Lucy and Joshua in the spring of 2009
I'm not very good at taking the time to teach the kids. I don't like them underfoot and I'd really rather do things myself. I know that I should invest in the future, but it just takes them so long to learn! Plus Joshua (my dear little absent-minded professor) is especially slow. Funny story: I gave him a cloth diaper to put in the diaper pail. Later I went to the bathroom and, happening to glance down, I saw it sitting in the garbage! Yeah, I will definitely be talking to his future wife someday...

What happened to my baby?

Now he can unbuckle himself (sometimes he remembers to unbuckle the girls too!), set the table, mostly get dressed and undressed, and in many other ways make himself useful. Though he will usually stop in the middle of his task to tell a story or tell me what movie he's watching in his head.

Today Joshua was industriously unloading the dishwasher (lovin' that thing!) while I cleared the table and wiped down counters. But I kept having to stop to tell him where things went. Suddenly I had the brilliant idea to label the drawers and cupboards! The kids thought that was cool and went around opening each one to see what it contained. And I enjoyed saying, with clarity and directness, "That Tupperware lid goes in cupboard #6. Those spoons go in drawer H." Plus then the kids will get extra number and letter practice, right? I think Eli will appreciate no longer having to translate, "Put that thing over there." And the labels will come in handy for any additional helpers I get after the baby's born.


  1. Genius! I'm doing that when my helper is old enough!!! For now she can stand on a chair and put all the silverware in the drawer and feel like she's helping.

  2. That's a *great* idea! :-)
    Definitely filing this one away!

  3. I know what you mean about just doing it yourself. However, I'm glad I taught the kids to clean and cook because now I don't have to do it so much :)

  4. Great post! I'm the same way...taking time to teach them is difficult for me, but I'm always so thankful for the fruit down the road.
    When ours were younger (shorter :)--
    I moved our dishes and cups to the lower cabinets in our kitchen so that they could get them out and put them away without my help (or a chair).
    We're working on learning to clean bathrooms...and do laundry.