Friday, April 1, 2011

Apple Pie Day 2011

It's spring in Oregon! Cherry trees are blossoming everywhere and new grass is growing in emerald green. On Thursday we went down to the Oregon Capitol along with 500 or more other home schoolers.

At noon we all gathered on the steps of the Capitol building. A choir sang, a band played, and Will Estrada a lawyer with HSLDA (a homeschool graduate himself) gave an inspirational speech.

Everywhere we went in the building there were other people like us seeing how the Oregon government works and delivering apple pies to senators and representatives. We got to meet Senator Chuck Thompson (pictured above) and Representative Patrick Sheehan. We sat in the gallery while the senate opened and watched three bills get passed in less than thirty minutes.

We also took a tour of the building which included a long climb up to the tower where we got a closer look at the gleaming "Pioneer" statue on the top of the building as well as views of Salem as the sun finally came out. The blossoming cherry trees on the grounds looked especially lovely from up there.

Can you see Lucy getting a closer look at Oregon's seal? Whether it's red tape or a golden chain, she doesn't let anything get in her way.

If you are an Oregonian and you support education freedoms then I would encourage you to attend the next Apple Pie Day. We went down early for a 10:00 appointment to meet the Senator, but if you don't want to devote a whole day you could easily just come in time for the noon rally on the steps. Once you're down there, if you want to do more with your time, there are activities like the tour, a "Home Education Freedoms 101" class, and you could arrange to meet your legislator. It's a great way to raise political awareness, even if you just provide a few more bodies in the crowd on the steps. As Will Estrada said, "The worst enemy of education freedoms is apathy."

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  1. This brought back memories of when we attended the Missouri home-school rallies at the capitol every spring. Bringing apple pies is a good idea! Guess I should get into doing this again now that we're on the brink of becoming a home-school family.